Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lesson 10 - Ladders


To make a ladder in Hammer for DOD:s is very simple, compared to the way the teach you in all the tutorials you'll find on the web.

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I know for a fact how difficult it is to find a good tutorial on how to make a ladder.

You draw a brush, in the shape of a ladder. Hit Ctrl-t. Select func_ladder from the pulldown menu. click apply, click cancel.

A Quick way to line up textures, is draw a brush in the shape of a ladder. Usually about 16 units wide, and 2 units thick. You can make the ladder as tall as it needs to be.
(see pic 1).

Then I copy that ladder and paste right next to it. And shrink it down to about 24 units. The smaller one is just so that we can set up the texture in one quick sweep.(see pic 1).

Then go to the texture tool, click browse, type ladder in the filter, select the ladder texture.

Apply the texture to the small brush. (see p2) notice how funky it looks. I'm going to teach you a quick way to line up the textures, without wasting any time.

After you paste the texture to the small brush, left click on the face of it to select it. (see p3)

Then click the fit button on the texture dialog box. (see p4)

Hammer will line up the textures for you.(see p5)

Now all you have to do is copy the texture from the small brush to the tall brush. Left-click on the small brush to select the texture, then right-click on the tall brush to apply that texture.(see p6)

The texture still needs to be shifted a little. Right click on the tall brush's face to select it. Then use the "X" Axis under "texture shift", on the texture dialog box. To slide the texture over, until the ladder looks correct. (see p7)

After you get the texture lined up, you can delete the small brush because we don't need it any more. Using the select tool, select the large brush to make it active." (see p8)

After selecting the large brush click Ctrl-T, from the drop-down menu select func_ladder, click apply, click cancel. (See p9)

So that's basically it. You draw a brush, in the shape of a ladder. Hit Ctrl-t. Select func_ladder from the pulldown menu. click apply, click cancel. And you can put any texture on the ladder that you want. You can even use the invisible texture (type tools in the filter. Look for the texture called invisible.) to make an invisible ladder.

Once you create your first ladder, you will agree with me how easy it is to make a ladder.

Don't forget to texture the other sides of the ladder and Topside also.

What if you had a model of a ladder? You want to make this ladder work.(see p11)

Using the ladder texture you need to draw a thin brush in front of the model.(see p12)
(note: ladder texture is a tool texture. Type tools in the filter.)

As you can see from the TopView, the brush is not touching the model.(see p13)

Select the Ladder Brush, Click "Ctrl-t", from the Pulldown Menu, Select "func_ladder". Then Click "Apply"(see p14)

And that's it. When you compile the map, the ladder texture will be invisible,(see p15,) So it will appear as if you're climbing up the model. And that's how you make these types of ladders work.

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